YKS Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Smartphones and Tablets

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Application Steps:
Step 1: Choose an appropriate place for putting the spherical pad, wipe it with alcohol prep pad and past the film of spherical pad on your car;
Step 2: Stick spherical car-mounted pad on the film, and then, put together with the concave surface of the magnetism disk;
Step 3: Past the corresponding film and magnetism leading iron sheet at the back of your phone/ tablet;
Step 4: Make the iron sheet close to the magnetic disk; the suction created between the sheet and disk will hold your device tightly . Then you can feel free to use your phone or tablet in your car.

1. Do not put the product close to magnetic sensitive items (for example, credit card, hard disk and cardiac pacemaker and so on).
2. Please clean the placement before you install the product.

Package Includes:
1 × Spherical car-mounted pad
1 × Magnetic disk
1 × Magnetism leading iron sheet (large size, for tablet use)
1 × Magnetism leading iron sheet (small size, for phone use)
1 × Alcohol prep pad
1 × 3M glue (for spherical vehicle-mounted pad use)
1 × 3M glue (for large-sized magnetism leading iron sheet use)
3 × Transparent film

  • Compact Size: The fantastic and fashionable car mount holder is perfect for holding your digital product in your car. It is super compact sized, without blocking your sight.
  • Powerful Magnet: The Magnetic piece (Installed onto/adhered to phone etc. by high quality 3M tape) is strongly sucked onto the antirust ball shaped base.
  • Compatibility: Magnetic car mount holder for iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus, iPad, Galaxy S4/S3/S2, HTC One DROID RAZR HD etc.
  • The magnetic piece can also adhere to other metal stuff, not only the ball shaped base.
  • WARRANTY:12 months from the date of purchase.
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