CamRah Flexible Tripod Pro Series with Bluetooth Shutter Remote and Dual Phone Mounts

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Take the perfect photos and selfies with a flexible tripod that gives you the best angles and versatility on the market!

Photos. We love them. We can’t stop taking pictures of our babies, our pets, our food, and ourselves. And why not? It’s so much fun to share all the beautiful people and things in our lives. And as smartphones continue to get better and better, and their internal cameras gain higher resolution, we want to use them as our main camera each and every time.

Think about it: it’s easy to pull your camera out and snap a few photos. The only problem is that our hands aren’t the steadiest, and we can’t ever get the angle right taking selfies.

That’s why you need our Professional Series Flexible Tripod. Made of high-quality materials that last far longer than any hand-held device, our tripod allows you to connect a smartphone, camera, webcam, and more-all so you can land the perfect photo or video.

If you want a tripod that’s as rugged and mobile as you are, but still gives you chance to take professional-grade photos, then our Professional Series Flexible Tripod is absolutely perfect!

Complete with the ability to stand on or adhere to most any surface, our tripod will ensure you always get the best shot, no matter where you may be.

Here are a few additional features:

➢ Dense foam-padded legs for ultra-stability and durability.

➢ Flexible tripod base can stand or wrap around most any surface.

➢ Works with smartphones, cameras, webcams, and more.

➢ Tripod is lightweight and easy to use.

➢ Features “JAWS Technology” to ensure your phone never slips from its grasp.


  • NO HASSLE GUARANTEE: If your Professional Series Tripod stops working, breaks, or you’re not 100 percent happy, we’ll replace it or give you your cash back, no questions asked, for life.
  • FLEXIBLE: Long, flexible legs covered in high density foam allow your camera to be firmly mounted on flat or uneven surfaces – even at odd angles that would otherwise be too extreme for other tripods.
  • STABLE – PORTABLE: Put your tripod on a table, around a pole, or even hanging from a tree branch. The high density foam legs and tacky rubber feet give your tripod the grip it needs to grip any and all surfaces ensuring you have a stable shot.
  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY: Our Professional Series Tripod features a smartphone mount with JAWS Technology meaning once it clamps down on your phone you’ll never have to worry about it falling.
  • DURABLE – RELIABLE: Larger and denser than similar tripod styles, our Professional Series Tripod features high-quality material from mount to feet so it can used in any environment.
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