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DesignMade of a single sturdy piece of aluminum, mStand transforms laptops into stunning desktop counterparts of the Apple iMac and Apple Cinema Display with its elegant curves and silver-anodized finish. The single piece design solidly holds a laptop while the aluminum panel acts a heat sink to keep the laptop cool. A cable hole in the back of the stand routes wires to reduce clutter.ErgonomicsLong-term use of a laptop as the main computing device can strain the body as the user hunches down to see the screen and type. mStand raises the screen 5.9 inches (150 mm) to meet the user’s eye level, thus promoting better posture, while its tilt design brings the screen closer for easier viewing. With an external keyboard andmouse, mStand creates an ideal ergonomic desktop setup for laptop users.Compatible with all sizes of Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, Powerbook. Also fits most 14″ standard PC and 15″ widescreen PC with depths not more than 10.4 inches.

  • Raises notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics (5.9 inches)
  • Tilt design brings screen closer and improves airflow around laptop
  • Single piece aluminum design provides solid stability
  • Aluminum panel acts as a heat sink to cool laptop
  • Cable organizer behind routes wires neatly
  • Compatible with Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and other laptops with depths less than 10.4 inches
  • Keyboard stash clears up desk area when not in use
  • Sand-blasted and silver anodized finish matches Apple notebooks

From the Manufacturer

Rain Design mStand is a versatile desktop solution for your notebook. It transforms your notebook into a fully functional and ergonomic desktop solution. Designed to be used in conjuction with an external keyboard, mStand creates better user ergonomics.


mStand with Macbook Pro
mStand logo
mStand with keyboard and mouse

Rear with cable management hole

mStand elevates the notebook screen (6 inches) to eye level to promote better upright posture. This is key to avoiding long-term strains and nagging aches associated with a prolonged bad sitting posture.

Patented Tilted Design

The slight slope of the mStand has many benefits. It brings the notebook screen nearer to the user. It points the edges of the notebook down towards the desk. This makes it unintrusive during usage. Finally, the tilt allows more comfortable direct notebook keyboard usage when necessary.

Heat Sink

The all-aluminum material enables the mStand to serve as a heat sink. Aluminum’s high heat conductivity first draws heat away from the notebook. It then cools by facilitating better air flow and convection all around the notebook. A cooler notebook is also a much quieter notebook as it reduces the chances of the notebook’s internal fan kicking in.

Unclutter Your Desktop

The mStand frees up space on the desktop. The external keyboard can be tucked under the mStand when it is no longer in use. The rear cable management hole hides away unsightly wires and prevents the cable


Overall the mStand is be penultimate laptop stand for the aluminum-based MacBook computers. Its design and appearance seems like Rain Design went into the Apple factories and milled the stand right then and there next to the workers building the MacBook Pro machines. This elegant laptop stand complements the industrial design of the Apple laptops to a ‘T’.

Currently priced at around $40 it is quite a bargain for such a well-built and handsome laptop stand. I know the mStand will be sitting on our  desk holding 17” MacBook Pro for a long time.

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