LapWorks Armbot Bed and Desk Mount for Posing Your iPad or Tablets For Easy and Relaxed Viewing

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The Armbot Bed & Desk Mount for iPads and Tablets is the first mounting bracket that gives you the option of attaching it to your desk or wall mounted. And now we’ve added the vehicle mounting bracket. Besides these three mounting systems, the Armbot is also a modular design where you can shorten it to one arm section, two arm sections or use all three arm sections for the most flexible posing options.

The Armbot is made of three separate lengths of 5/8″ diameter brushed Aluminum tubing that combine to create an amazing number of posing and elevating viewing positions. Each tube length is 11.81″ long and they are joined by durable Nylon tightening hinges. Each arm section can be detached and reattached easily. At full extension, the Armbot reaches out over 37.4″ from it’s mounting bracket.

The desk mounting C-clamp bracket is made of Zinc alloy and can be attached to the edge of any desk, table top, headboard, nightstand, kitchen counter, end table or coffee table. The C-clamp can open as wide as 2-3/8″.

The wall mounting bracket is also made of Zinc alloy and needs to be attached to a wall with 4 screws that are included in every box. Attach the wall bracket to any wall near your bed or favorite lounging area for anytime viewing in total comfort. Or attach it under a kitchen cabinet so the iPad is always available when needed. The vehicle mount is also made of Zinc alloy.

The Armbot comes with a 4-grip 360° swiveling holding bracket that expands up to 7.75″ and compresses down to 4.125″. The four grips have soft rubber pads that protect your device and they expand up to .875″ (7/8″) so they can accommodate a device with the case attached.

Order your Armbot Bed & Desk Stand today and start discovering the many ways to view your iPad or Tablet in total comfort and convenience. You won’t regret your decision.

  • Optional mounting brackets – one for desk mount and one for wall mounting
  • Three sectioned modular arm can be used with one, two or all three arm sections
  • Attaches to table or desk tops, night stands, headboards, end tables and coffee tables
  • 37.4″ long at full extensions with all three arm sections
  • 4-prong holding bracket grips any iPad or 10″ tablet in portrait or landscape
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